This website is intended to function as an online archive of all the documentation available about a single Nubian burial – 350/II – excavated in 1963 by the Scandinavian Joint expedition. This specific grave was located at Debeira, in Lower Nubia, on a site labelled Neg ‘Iryan (co-ordinates 937.730/657.350). It is dated to the Late Antique period, to the so-called Post-Meroitic period, c. 400-600 C.E.
Nowadays, the whole region of Lower Nubia between Wadi Halfa (Sudan) and Aswan (Egypt) is covered by the waters of Lake Nasser, and the site – as well as its many neighbors – has disappeared.

The material presented here has been acquired by the author between 2018 and 2020, primarily during a research stay at the Gustavianum museum, University of Uppsala (Sweden), which house most of the archives pertaining to the expedition as well as a large part of the objects discovered. It was then completed by research in the SJE publications and by correspondence with the archaeological museum of the University of Stavanger (Norway). The several textiles found in the grave were our first focus, and they all received a detailed analysis, but we also tried to present them as integrative parts of the burial.

The website is based on a group of items – object records, archive documents, etc.  –  organized according to their nature in Collections: Excavation archives, Artifacts, Scientific analyses, SJE publications, and Photographs. Items can be browsed by Collection or by Exhibitions, as several items have been grouped according to a specific narrative. Each thematic Exhibition presents the items individually as well as introduce the user to the topic: Past & Present of SJE350/II, The burial, Textile archaeology.